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Navigating Through Business Uncertainty

With the continuous level of uncertainty still sweeping the nation, there’s something that remains the same, the need to listen to your audience. Listen to their concerns, their wants, and their needs. Dive deep into your social media following and spend time reading about what your audience is saying. A large majority of the population is speaking their mind right now, putting their opinions out in the open. Some are doing this by posting silly memes and others in full on rants.

Either way, they are trying to tell you what they miss. Are your customers posting about craving their favorite iced coffee? Needing a haircut so bad they’re contemplating just taking some kitchen scissors to their bangs? Yikes, let’s hope not. Regardless of what type of craft you specialize in, your audience needs you. Maybe they need advice on how to temporarily rock an up-do, or they need to be made aware that your coffee shop is making deliveries. This moment, when everyone is home and realizing what they’re missing from their “normal” routine, is the perfect moment for you to be thinking about your brand.

This right here, could be your time to rise, to start shinning brighter than you ever have before. The world all around us is changing and the needs of our audience is changing with it. Your business could be a Brick and Mortar that has successfully dominated your market for years, but now it’s different. Now, your favorite regulars aren’t coming in as frequently and new customers still seem weary about coming into a physical organization. You’re starting to see the times shift, the needs change, and your marketing efforts need to reflect that. We aren’t saying your traditional ways aren’t great. Believe us, we are so thankful for traditional marketing efforts. Without those original techniques, we wouldn’t be where we are now, and we wouldn’t have evolved into this ever-evolving digital era. We also understand that change is hard, and some are hesitant to make the necessary changes. However, in times like this, it’s crucial that you aren’t hesitant.

Instead of reminiscing on the way things used to be, let’s brainstorm about what the future could look like for your business. Is there something you always wanted to try? Let’s do it. This is literally a blank canvas. So, go ahead, and get creative!! Blast your favorite tunes and let’s get to work.

Are you a business that is trying to recover from recent hardships? First we would like to say that we understand the struggle and hardships you’re facing, and we are here for you. Also, that you CAN bounce back from this stronger than before. Second, we want to tell you to get back up and grow your following! Use this time to embrace your social media accounts. Everyone and their mother are on social media right now. Work that to your advantage. Become the expert of your craft to your followers. Post tips, tricks, how-to’s, and fun facts. Use this time to try things you couldn’t before. Make a recipe you’ve been dying to try out and give it to your customers that are still going out of their way to order from you. Reward their support while also expanding your business. Normally a dine in restaurant? Now is the perfect time to nail down your “to-go” business. A local retail boutique? Try to embrace selling your items through social media.

Make sure when things begin to hit full swing and your doors are open to full capacity, you have people lining up to get in. Become the expert in your industry, the one they trust. Capitalize on this time for your audience. Grow it. The famous line goes, “if only I had more time”. Well, now you have nothing but time. Let’s turn those daydreams into reality. You don’t have to physically go to work, to put in work.

We are not saying this will be easy, or that it can be accomplished overnight. We are simply saying to try. To go outside your comfort zone and maybe even color outside the lines. It’s okay to change and to embrace being different, you cannot grow without change. This change wasn’t something you woke up and decided to do one day, but it’s an opportunity you need to embrace.

Need help figuring out the who, what, when, where and why of how to change your current marketing efforts? Reach out to us. We want to help your business succeed through any hardship that you’re facing. No one business is alike, let us customize a plan for you to help put your business back on the digital map.

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