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Funny Tactics to attract more Customers

Have you ever seen a business use a funny video or picture to attract your attention?

It is funny, and it sure does create some excellent clickbait for your post. The problem is it's a false interaction reading for your business. Mixing your humor with your business isn't going to create a real reaction to your company. We'd be lying if we said we aren't guilty of doing a post like this in the past. Sure it looked significant to our client that their social post was clicked on 2000+ times and shared over 100 times and commented, liked, laughed at over 300 times. However, when all the dust settles, what did it do? All it did was generate false interactions with your customers. Posting non-relevant business posts create more leads to customers that aren't local, and they will probably never visit your business. Recently I've run into a company that had over 5000+ followers (FB) / 1000+ (Instagram), and from the outside in that looked great! Cast Marketing was stoked that this company contacted us, and we were ready to expand and reach that crowd at a consistent rate. The company wanted more customers to be informed, and they felt that the local community wasn't remembering them during the winter months. They felt irrelevant. Fast forward into week 1 of our business logging into their accounts and running them through our systems for seven days. We soon found out that they had only 1200+- local followers on Facebook and 500+- on Instagram. If you bumped those numbers to a 25-mile radius, I want to say they only had 1900 followers. Our first thought was, this was alarming, and we wanted to know why and how could this have happened. Everything looked great; the content was excellent. The only reasons we narrowed down to was hashtag placements and lack of local campaigning. The company had an excellent management team. They had a solid business plan, managers, and staff all wanted to see them succeed, but the truth was they were forgotten locally.

So, remember to stay relevant and don't fall for false content posts to have clickbait. Those high numbers you see don't mean anything if they can never become leads.

Stay tuned to read what we did to start turning them around.


(Some business just want reactions and this post isn’t referring to them. This business was struggling locally and this was one of the issues we found.)

Cast your Visions higher!

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